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Pilot an Aircraft in Surfers Paradise

Posted in Local Attraction @ Apr 7th 2016 6:56am - By Administrator
Jet Flight Simulator 1

We may have been able to ride an airplane countless times but still, we haven’t seen or even just take the slightest glimpse of how it is in the control room. We may have only seen one thanks to the films we watch, but aside from this, an aircraft’s control room, together with its pilot is basically a secret from us.

But have you ever fancied seeing one in real life and better, take hold of the controls and be the pilot yourself? If yes, then grab the rare chance on your holiday to Surfers Paradise and try being a pilot yourself with Jet Flight Simulator. 

Located in Surfers Paradise Boulevard, you’ll get to learn how to fly a plane using the state of the art flight simulator that is based on Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft.

Though the whole experience is merely a simulation, the fact that it is run by professional pilots and the company uses a Fixed Based Device make everything seem real. And with the said device that it is using, you’ll feel like you’re really moving that you will even oftentimes need to hold on to keep your balance. Aside from these, the simulator also utilises high quality graphics and visual motion to make sure it every customer gets the closest to the real experience of flying an aircraft.

To further prove that Jet Flight Simulator offers an experience like that of a real one, pilots oftentimes go to the venue for their own training requirements. This is because the simulators are replicas of the authentic cockpits which make them ideal practise venues for pilots. 

What’s great about this is that, since it is just a simulation, there’s no age limit to the rare experience. Jet Flight Simulator crews admit children starting six years old so you can bring kids if you want to. So book your piloting experience now through its website or via telephone by calling 1300 737 484.

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Image Source : Jet Flight Simulator


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