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Sky high adventures on the Gold Coast

Posted in Local Attraction @ Sep 2nd 2014 10:58am - By Administrator
Gold Coast Skydive

Famous for its beautiful golden beaches and surfing plus a wide range of beach activities, the Gold Coast’s attractions are not only found on the beach or in the water but it also offers heaps of exciting destinations and adventures, whether on land, in the water, and even up in the air.

Those with a bold and strong appetite for exotic and wild adventures high off the ground, you’ll surely find the most awesome and extraordinary activities that will take you flying up in the sky. If you seek these sorts of sky high adventures, then you won’t only have bragging rights and experience the ultimate thrill and chills but you’ll also get to see the amazing panoramic views of the entire city and the hinterlands from the top.

If you think you are brave enough to defy gravity and literally take your adventure to a higher level, then prepare for a sky high journey on the Gold Coast. Below are some great ideas on where to find sky high adventures on the Gold Coast.

Prepare to skydive over the breathtaking beaches and city views of the Gold Coast on a skydiving adventure. Scream your lungs out as your jump 12,000 feet high above the ground and free fall in 40 seconds before floating under the parachute. To experience this, the Gold Coast Skydive in Coolangatta will help you have a safe skydiving experience.

Queensland is the most popular location for hot air balloon adventures in Australia with Hot Air taking off daily from Cairns and the Gold Coast. It offers the best priced and a safe and enjoyable hot air balloon ride on the Gold Coast.

If you feel like braving the heights, then you can also climb up the tallest tower on the Gold Coast, which is the Q1 tower through the Skypoint Climb, which is a climb up an external stairway of 298 steps from the Skypoint Deck to the peak of the Q1 building. Its Skypoint Deck, located on levels 77 and 78, features 360 degree views of the remarkable city and hinterland through the glass.

Enjoy all these incredible sky high adventures on the Gold Coast and make your holiday one of the books. Our Accommodation Apartments Gold Coast is located near the most popular attractions in the city. Make Raffles Royale your holiday residence on the Gold Coast.

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Image Source : Gold Coast Skydive


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